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Is your man hiding? Check the garden or the bathroom…

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The garden, the bathroom – and the local pub – have been named among a list of men’s favourite places. A study of 2,000 males found the most popular place to escape and gather their thoughts was the bedroom, with the study and the car also making the top ten.

The report also found as many as three out of four men admit they frequently head to a beloved location to escape their hectic daily routines and enjoy a bit of ‘man time’.

It also emerged men are content when pottering in their shed or tinkering in the garage as they try and get some space away from family life or work stress.

Peace and quiet or trying to avoid an argument were the biggest reasons for a man’s retreat, while a sneaky nap, avoiding the mother in law and secretly following a sports event also made the list.

The research, which was commissioned by shelving firm BiGDUG, also found the average male nips off for a bit of time in his hideaway eight times a month.

A spokesman for BiGDUG said:

“There’s a clear trend for men nipping away to places to get a bit of time alone away from the routine.

“Clearly that space is valued and they get up to quite a mixture, from working in the shed to watching sport or simply just having time to think.

“As in every relationship, having your own space is important and as long as men are supporting their wives and girlfriends and seeing she gets her time too, then time spent in the garage, study or wherever most comfortable is a good thing.”

The study also found each spell undisturbed in the ‘man cave’ typically lasts an hour.

A break from the kids, avoiding a partner’s friends, or if the other half is watching soaps or reality television, were also named as common reasons.

One fifth have been ‘busted’ for nipping away to have some time on their own when their help was needed in the home.

When quizzed on what they specifically get up to when on their own and away from the rest of the family men were most likely to say they just sit quietly and think, while nearly a quarter just ‘potter about’.

Nearly half of those polled said they didn’t get enough time to be on their own in an average day.

Perhaps that’s why seven in ten said their ‘man cave’ or place they get their alone time most is somewhere their partner never really goes.

And a quarter goes even further and claim their hiding spot is a complete secret from their partner.

The alone time can be addictive – a sneaky one third of blokes have also deliberately lied to their partner about where they were going, opting to go to their favourite place and letting the other half believe they were somewhere else.

And one in four men has had to sleep in their man cave or secret spot after having an argument with their wife or girlfriend.

The BiGDUG spokesman added:

“The idea of mischievous men sneaking away for a bit of time away from the mother in law or partner’s friends perhaps might not be well received by wives and girlfriends.

“But as long as men are pulling their weight and receptive to their partner’s needs then coming back refreshed and happier can only be a good thing.”


1. Bedroom
2. Garden
3. Bathroom
4. Pub
5. The park
6. Study
7. Shed
8. The car
9. Garage
10. Spare room


1. Peace and quiet
2. To avoid arguments
3. To do my own thing
4. Just a place to think
5. To calm down
6. I just like my own company
7. To get some rest
8. Time to listen to or watch sport
9. To get away from being nagged
10. Have a quick nap
11. To have a chance to be creative
12. To get out of helping with chores
13. To avoid the visitors
14. Just to get away from the wife in general
15. The wife is nagging me
16. To avoid the mother-in-law
17. To watch something online
18. To avoid arguing with my partner
19. To make a private call
20. My partner is watching soaps
21. To avoid a headache
22. The kids are jumping all over me
23. To avoid the kids
24. My partner is hogging the television
25. My partner is watching reality TV
26. Sneakily keeping an eye on a sports match
27. To check social networks in peace
28. To avoid my partner’s friends
29. To get away from the stresses of a big event/hosting
30. To text someone