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Repeat visits – holidaymakers visit favourite resort six times in a lifetime

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Millions of Brits admit to staying in their travel comfort zone, visiting the same holiday destination year after year, a survey has revealed. Researchers, who carried out a detailed study, found despite the incredible array of holidays on offer around the globe a large percentage of us stick with what, and where, we know.

The most common reasons behind the repetitive getaways are the weather, the cuisine (or access to ‘English’ food) and the length of flight, while others said they enjoyed being on first name terms with staff and local people.

And one in seven said they return to the same resort time after time because they like its family friendly attitude and the fact it caters well for children.

It also emerged Spain, The Canary Islands and France are the destinations we are most likely to return to.

Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director of Monarch Airlines who commissioned the study, said:

“It’s easy to return to the same holiday destination year after year.

“If you know your way around and know what to expect then it does make things more straight forward.

“And the research shows that Brits like a familiar face and look forward to catching up with local proprietors each year.

“Knowing where to eat, how much money to take and knowing that young children will be entertained are all plus points to returning to the same resort.

“But it’s important not to get stuck in a holiday rut and not broaden your horizons.”

The poll found more than eight in ten UK adults have returned to the same holiday resort twice or more.

And surprisingly, the average holiday maker returns to their favourite resort six times in their life, with one in ten families revisiting their much loved destination 15 times or more.

Four in five travellers will visit the same restaurants at their chosen destination, and the same amount will be happy doing the same activities during their break.

Two thirds of groundhog holiday travellers will return to their favourite holiday destination once a year – which counts for half of their holidays each year.

And we are clearly creatures of habit; four in five will return to the same resort with the same people each time.

It might be a partner, a group of friends or close family that travel too, but holidays are being repeated in more ways than just the country or town – it sometimes even comes down to travelling the same week or fortnight of the year, every year.

To more than half of Brits, keeping the children happy is normally the biggest priority when booking a holiday – which tends to explain a lot of the groundhog holidays.

But some are starting to notice the error in their ways and wish they had visited more locations rather than repeating the same holiday every year.

But two thirds of these people wish they had more choice of destination within their price range to help them get out of the holiday rut.


  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Canary Islands
  4. Italy
  5. Portugal