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Families row just half an hour into car journeys

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The first family row happens just 33 minutes into the average car journey, a new study has revealed. Researchers found that what music to listen to, who wins a game and the snacks on offer mean more than half of family car journeys feature at least one row.

And the first crossed word is said just over half an hour into the journey, with 17% rowing about what radio station to listen to.

It also emerged that almost one in five parents have been so distracted by the family car rows, they have ended up having an accident or near miss.

But worryingly, one in six dads admits they are more likely to be side-tracked by their own text messages or social media notifications on their phone than what their kids are getting up to in the back seat.

Andy James, spokesman for car insurance specialist 1st Central, which commissioned the research, said:

“Digital distractions such as phones and tablets should be banned from the front seat.

“Not only will this ensure checking messages and social posts don’t get you in trouble on the road or with the law, it would invalidate your insurance if you have an accident.”

The study of 2,000 parents who drive found that the average family will spend around five hours and 24 minutes in the car together this Easter.

But 56% of parents admit the majority of those journeys will end in arguments.

It’s not just the rows which drive parents to distraction on car journeys though as nearly a third of mums (31%) claim they find their partner’s comments about their driving more stressful than the kids arguing in the backseat.