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Spring clean is swept under the carpet – as we’re too busy

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The traditional spring clean is dead and buried – because we are simply too busy, a study has revealed. Researchers found instead of doing the once a year blitz on their home, Brits are now more likely to adopt a ‘Clean As You Go’ approach where they keep on top of their cleaning all year round, throw things out as they go and rely on a suite of cleaning appliances to do the job for them.

Others said they were simply too busy or ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to do the big clean each year.

More than one in ten even admitted that the only time they really clean their home from top to bottom is when their Mother-in-law is coming to stay.

It also emerged that a staggering 85% of people believe the traditional spring clean is dying out and could soon become a thing of the past.

Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand at, which commissioned the research, said:

”There was a time when everyone would do a spring clean of their home to get everything spic and span for the months ahead.

”As soon as the sun came out and the temperatures started to creep up, homeowners would sort through their belongings to clear out unwanted clutter and clean their home from top-to-bottom.

”But it seems this traditional job is getting buried in the past as house-proud Brits are now keeping on top of those chores all year round instead of saving it for a certain time of year.

”We are leading busier lives than ever and many find it easier to fit in their chores in small snippets rather than trying to devote entire days to the task.”

The study, of 2,000 Brits, found that less than half of adults now do a ‘spring clean’ each year.

Instead, 37% do it just once every few years at most, while one in five never do one.

Of those who don’t do the traditional annual clean, 36% said they are too busy, while 41% keep on top of the cleaning each week so a big clean isn’t necessary.

Another one in four clears out their clutter as they go while 18% have appliances and gadgets to make the cleaning chores easier to do on a regular basis.

But an honest 14% admitted they simply can’t be bothered.

Four in ten Brits even admitted they make extra effort try to do their chores and clear clutter monthly or even weekly so they can avoid the need for a big clean.

The study also found that one in three only really do a big clear out and clean when they move house, while another 22% only do it when their parents are popping over.

People coming to stay, big celebrations or parties also see Brits making more effort than usual.

But one in twenty admitted they’ve never once had a big clear out of their home.

And even though they start out with good intentions, eight in ten often find they start a big clean, only to end up wishing they had never started it, or give up before they are done.

One in five admits this happens every time they attempt a spring clean.

Researchers also found that the average Brit now spends three hours and 42 minutes cleaning their home each week, with just 18% doing it on the traditional Saturday.

Instead, 47% do it on various days of the week.

Erdman added:

“With the advent of more sophisticated cleaning appliances it is becoming easier to stay on top of cleaning on a weekly basis.

“Our customers tell us that the latest generation of hi-tech gadgets such as robotic vacuums, which do the cleaning for you, steam mops that offer a deeper clean than traditional mops and vacuums with sensors that alert you when an area is cleaned have revolutionised their approach to cleaning.”

AO have also created a ‘cleaning checklist‘ to help Brits keep cleaning on a regular basis; not just during the Spring.