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Brits are clueless about gardening – three quarters can’t pick out a geranium from a pansy

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Brits are clueless about gardening – because it’s too much of a chore and they’d rather let their parents do it, it new research has shown. Over half the 2,000 garden-owning Brits studied had no idea on the difference between a shrub and a weed, while three quarters couldn’t pick out a geranium from a pansy.

A baffled six in ten couldn’t recognise a tulip, while the same number had no idea what Jasmine looked like.

And the lack of knowledge is impacting the state of British gardens – one in four labelled their outside space as ‘scraggly’ while many admitted the idea of gardening was a chore.

Instead, more than a quarter of cheeky garden owners admit to relying on their parents to tend to their back yard when they visit while they watch out of the back window.

The research into the gradual decline of the green-fingered Brit emerged in a study commissioned by Kärcher to launch their new Watering range, and found more than a third didn’t know what a fuchsia was.

Respondents were quizzed on basic gardening practices and were asked to identify pictures of flowers and fauna.

Phil Springall, Kärcher Home and Garden Marketing Manager said:

“It’s interesting to see just how many people are overwhelmed by jobs in the garden and the lengths they’ll go to avoid completing them.

“The results show that many British gardens may well be out of shape with new generations less inclined to devote themselves to the cause.

“Gardens give us so much but when neglected that also has an effect and it’s sad to see so many people said looking out at their outdoor space leads to them feeling downbeat.

“It’s clear that people feel they need assistance in their garden and at Kärcher we’re more than happy to help. We’ve designed our innovative watering technology to make gardening less of a chore so Brits feel happier about eradicating those weeds and ultimately feel proud of their garden.”

The study also found one in seven was clueless when it came to picking out a buttercup, and the wilting level of knowledge is taking toll with six in ten British gardens described as out of shape.

No surprises then that 37% said they were a poor or terrible gardener – just 3% rated their skills as ‘very good’ and only one in six thought themselves capable.

Neglecting to water the plants, do a bit of weeding and dead heading to simply maintaining the lawn all emerged as top jobs that get left off the to-do list.

Remarkably four in ten people said looking out at their garden actually makes them feel a bit depressed and downbeat.

The average person first starts to get the hang of gardening at aged 42, results showed.

And the average person hasn’t bought a garden tool or piece of apparatus for at least two and a half years.

Diarmuid Gavin is supporting the Kärcher Watering System campaign and comments:

“Even as someone who spends a good chunk of their time in the garden, I know how hard it can be to maintain.

‘’I want to help inspire everyone to get outside and take pride in their gardens, and get the next generation to take delight in staring at their garden.“


1. Cutting the grass
2. Weeding
3. Laying a patio
4. Laying decking
5. Fixing/putting up fences
6. Dead-heading
7. Digging flowerbeds
8. Building a shed or greenhouse
9. Choosing plants or flowers for the garden
10. Trimming/cutting flowers or plants
11. Varnishing or painting decking
12. Painting a fence
13. Digging and preparing a vegetable patch
14. Cleaning outdoor furniture
15. Planting hanging baskets
16. Generally keeping a garden clean and tidy
17. Maintaining hanging baskets
18. Arranging flowers or plants in flowerbeds
19. Planting vegetables
20. Taking rubbish from the garden to the tip
21. Watering flowers/plants
22. Planting flowers or plants
23. Watering vegetables
24. Arranging garden ornaments