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Modern mums more adventurous (and exotic) in the kitchen

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Modern mums are far more adventurous in the kitchen than their own mothers ever were, new research has revealed. A study found today’s mums lived on a staple diet of British classics like shepherd’s pie, roast lamb and toad in the hole when they themselves were young.

But now they are parents they think nothing of rustling up dishes like moussaka, curry and noodle-based meals which were deemed luxuries or too exotic in their youth.

Other dinners which mums now produce with ease include stroganoff, enchiladas or lamb tagine – which they had never heard of when they were children.

Just 4% of mums who took part in the study claimed internationally inspired cuisine was NOT a regular part of their family’s diet – three quarters said even their youngest child was now happy to tuck into a curry.

The study into the changing face of family eating habits was commissioned by Simply Beef and Lamb, and found just one in six mums could recall eating a stir fry when young.

Chef Mark Sargeant, who is working alongside Simply Beef and Lamb to encourage people to be more adventurous with meals, said:

“Mums who enjoy family holidays abroad are replicating local dishes at home and as a nation we are embracing international cuisine more and more.

‘’It’s great to see that as a country our palates are constantly developing and that children are as happy to try a bit of Moroccan lamb or curry as they are to eat traditional British classics.

‘’Research shows that lamb is a popular choice of ingredient and as it can be found in recipes from every continent, it’s readily available in any supermarket or butcher shop and holds flavour beautifully.’’

The research also revealed mums remain on the hunt for international recipe inspiration – lamb-based dishes were among those that mums are looking to recreate at home, while lamb also topped the list of the meat that mums are looking to do more with.

The dramatic shift in our eating habits has been inspired by an ever-connected world, with holidays abroad and increased availability and pricing of global foods among the main reasons cited for our changing palates.

As our exposure to international flavours and the availability of international food continues to increase, a resounding 83% encourage their family to try as many different dishes as possible.

Mark Sargeant added:

“With Easter just around the corner, and with spring lamb the meat of the season, it seems mums might be looking for something more adventurous this year. Lamb curry, moussaka and kebabs are all easily created in a domestic kitchen and are opening up a world of adventurous tastes amongst our children.”