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On the floor, in the sink, or on a pet – weirdest places our pancakes have landed

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One in four Brits officially can’t toss a pancake, a study has revealed. Researchers found millions of adults struggle to flip their pancake each year, with many claiming their attempts often get stuck to the ceiling, land on the floor or even on a nearby pet.

A third even do all they can to avoid it with some leaving it to their children to take care of the job to save themselves the embarrassment.

Despite this, the study by British Lion eggs found more than eight in ten look forward to having a go at flipping a pancake on Shrove Tuesday (Tuesday 4 March) with three in ten even claiming it is their favourite bit about the day.

It also emerged men have more success at flipping pancakes than women, with the average adult taking three attempts to get it right.

A spokesman for British Lion eggs, said:

”Many people look forward to pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but the flipping part of the process can leave some people nervous.

“There is a real art to it, and it seems some still struggle to get the hang of it even after years of practise.

“It can take several attempts to get it right, and even then, a large number of people have had mishaps which see the pancake end up on the floor or the ceiling, among other places, rather than actually on a plate.

“However, despite the trouble some people have actually flipping the pancake, it seems this is still an event most get excited about and have fun with.”

The study of 2,000 Brits also found 24% admit they usually fail to toss a pancake successfully.

Almost half have had a pancake land on the floor, while 58% have had one fold over thanks to their poor flipping technique.

More than one in ten has had a pancake get stuck to the ceiling, with another one in ten dropping the frying pan and its contents mid-toss.

One in twenty has even thrown the frying pan, while some admitted to accidentally tossing the pancake towards someone standing nearby.

A quarter has had to throw out a frying pan after their pancake tossing went wrong.

A third are so worried about making a fool of themselves, they have done everything they can to avoid their turn tossing the pancake with four in ten encouraging their children to do the job to take the pressure away from them.

It also emerged it takes the average Brit three attempts before they have tossed the perfect pancake, but more than one in ten need at least five goes to get it right.

Just over one in three reckon they have mastered the art of tossing a pancake.

But despite the difficulties, 87% enjoy trying their hand at flipping pancakes, regardless of how well they can do it, or how it turns out.

Researchers also found that the flipping even gets competitive in some households with 44 per cent admitting it can often turn into a competition with family members or housemates.

A quarter has even tried to sneak in some extra practice to get one up on their loved ones.

A spokesman for British Lion eggs added:

“Pancakes are great and actually quite simple to do, even if the flipping can cause a few problems. “

Top ten most bizarre places a pancake has landed:

1. On the floor
2. In the sink
3. On the dog/cat
4. On the plate
5. On the draining board
6. In the dog basket
7. In the bin
8. On top of the kitchen cupboards
9. On another person
10. Out of the window