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Lazy men leave partners to take on 78% of the chores at home

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Women still get the rough end of the deal in relationships – as a new study has found that nearly two thirds feel the household chores still aren’t shared equally between themselves and their partners – and that their current arrangement is ‘unfair’.

When quizzed on their domestic workloads, it emerged that women take on 78% of the home chores.

In fact, on average, the ladies polled could only salvage just 17 minutes ‘me time’ each day, and half admitted they just can’t find the time for their own hobbies or interests.

The study, of 2,000 mums commissioned by, found 51% regularly go whole weeks without even a single minute relaxing on their own.

Sean McCarroll, managing director for said:

“The results show just how hard the country’s mums work and the extent to which families and partners rely on them.

“But having just over 15 minutes to themselves each day isn’t enough and partners and other family members need to appreciate the lengths she goes to for the family and try to see she gets more.”

The study also found that seven in ten women say their partner gets a lot more free time than them over the course of a normal week – and 70% of those thought that that was pretty unfair.

In fact, a begrudging one in five women resent the fact that their partner has more time to relax in their routine and that they’re more easily able to switch off after working.

When that rare free time does come along, women were most likely to describe their bedroom as their biggest sanctuary and the place they relax the most.

In fact, half of the 2,000 mums said the only place they can relax in a typical week is in their bedroom.

And over half (55%) said one of the biggest highlights of their week was the chance to catch their favourite soaps and television programmes undisturbed.

Among some of the other most popular ‘me time’ activities were simply reading a book, having a cup of tea, and dabbling in some online shopping or social media activity.

Despite that, three quarters said, even in those quiet moments to themselves, they could never fully relax if they knew there were jobs outstanding – and were called back into action again.


1.            Read a book
2.            Cup of tea
3.            Watch soaps
4.            Have a doze
5.            Browse Facebook/Twitter
6.            Online shopping
7.            Candlelit bath
8.            Watch TV relaxing in bed
9.            Watch a film
10.          Clean the house / clear out cupboards / rearrange furniture
11.          Drink wine
12.          Eat chocolate
13.          Go for a walk/run
14.          Go shopping
15.          Write a list
16.          Listen to music or the radio in peace
17.          Go out with friends
18.          Read the paper / newspapers
19.          Play computer games/apps
20.          Paint nails