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One in three mums forced back into work – because partner’s income isn’t enough

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One in three mums has been forced back into work – because their partner’s income simply doesn’t stretch far enough, a study has revealed. The research found that one in three has even had to cover up money worries from friends and family to avoid awkward or probing questions.

A further one in five confess to simply ‘keeping up appearances’, with 37% admitting to feeling the need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and maintain an image not in keeping with their income.

The findings were revealed in a survey by Magnetix Wellness, which also revealed that one in six workers have taken on a second job, alongside their primary employment, to cover increasing bills at home.

In fact, for the average Brit, it would take just £131 extra a month to turn financial hardship around and make us feel ‘comfortable’.

Dr Petra Doring, of Magnetix Wellness, said:

”The results show just how many people are having a tough time financially and the options they have been exploring as a way of boosting income.

”With so many exploring different ways of bringing in a bit more each month, the desire to find something that offers flexibility and that can fit in with an already hectic routine is key.

”Many mums in particular are increasingly looking to regain their financial independence and re-establish themselves professionally while contributing to the household income.”

The need for financial independence between partners was also clear, with three quarters stating it was important to a relationship.

Although mums admitted it’s never easy to balance work and home – the key barriers to mum’s contributing to the household income were found to be flexibility, with being able to work from home and having a solid support structure also key.

There was also a sense of mum’s feeling out of touch or missing out socially as the family tries to get by each month – seven in ten said the ability to work from home would help them get the balance between being a mum and an employee while bringing in the much needed extra money.

The ways in which Brits are bringing in more income outside of work were also detailed – selling things on eBay, car boot sales and taking side jobs cleaning were among the most common methods turned to for extra cash.

Dr. Doring added:

”The study showed many mums are increasingly looking to bring in their own income and have that financial independence, but in a tough financial climate, finding jobs that offer the right flexibility and support can be challenging.

”With people turning to second jobs and ways of bringing in money to maintain or enhance their current lifestyle, it’s important they consider routes that will offer them a sense of pride and development.”