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40% think the Obama selfie was ‘inappropriate’

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Four in ten Brits believe Barack Obama and David Cameron’s recent ‘selfie’ was ‘inappropriate’, a survey has shown. The much talked-about shot occurred on Tuesday at Nelson Mandela’s memorial when the British Prime Minister and American President posed alongside Danish leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The image has caused a stir online and it seems the British public echo the notion that the snap was disrespectful.

Over one third described it as ‘in bad taste’ and one in five described it as ‘embarrassing’.

First Lady Michelle Obama struggled to hide her feelings on the act and more than half the 500 polled felt she had a right to be annoyed.

An angered one in four said the ‘selfie’ was disrespectful to the memory of Nelson Mandela with many labelling it ‘completely disrespectful’ and 28 per cent felt it was wrong, regardless of the location it was taken in.

A spokesman for OnePoll which commissioned the research, said:

”This image has proved to be a talking point across the world and clearly it’s something that many people felt came across in the wrong way.

”Although they are world leaders and some of the most powerful people in the world, it shows they are only human and it would appear even they are jumping on the ‘selfie’ bandwagon.”

The poll of 500 showed the image does divide opinion – one in four felt it was harmless and that the surrounding furore was very much an overreaction.

But it’s a step too far for three in ten who felt the recent picture had directly altered their opinion on Obama and Cameron.