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Girls are more expensive than boys at Christmas

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Parents admit they will be spending more on girls than boys this Christmas, a new survey has revealed. Researchers found that over a third of mums and dads confessed they will be spending more on one gender than the other this year, with girls on average receiving more expensive presents.

Of the 1000 parents polled by Oink, all who had both sons and daughters aged 5-17, nearly one in five said sons were much harder to buy for.

The poll found 43% of parents said they don’t bother keeping track of how much they are spending on each child, and only a mere 8% said they spend the same amount to the nearest penny.

Of those polled, over a quarter said daughters typically desire more expensive presents, and 30% of parents said they would hate to see them disappointed so give in to their wishes.

But more than one in ten agreed that boys were more laidback and less concerned with the cost of things.

A spokesman for Oink, a child friendly payment scheme said:

”Without a centralised way to track spending, it’s really hard to spend exactly the same amount on your children.

”When you are buying for so many people it’s easy to lose track of spending and parents have to bear in mind trips, treats and other expenditure throughout the year.

”It is difficult for parents to weigh up which child has more presents, whose are more expensive, whose are bigger.

”It must be a minefield for parents, but providing there aren’t vast differences in the amount you are spending on your son and daughter, we are sure the children will never notice.”

The poll found that two thirds of parents said they always go over budget on gifts for their kids, with the typical adult splurging an extra £62 more than they intended.

Top presents for boys were listed as tablets, games consoles and laptops, whereas the average girl is more likely to receive smartphones, pyjamas and toiletries.

The poll found that three quarters of parents who had both boys and girls felt that girls were generally more expensive to bring up than boys.

And over a third said they find it harder to buy their kids presents as they get older, with 25% opting to give them money instead.

An Oink spokesman added:

”The survey revealed that parents are more likely to buy boys high cost items like tablets, games consoles and bikes but it would seem they spend more money compensating for these items by buying girls far more items at a lower cost.

”Our new child friendly payment system allows kids to have their own account where they can spend any pocket money or Christmas money safely and helps them budget their own pot of cash.”