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‘Double screening’ – 80% now regularly tweet, text or browse whilst watching TV

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GAME triple screening infographic

Millions of Brits are ‘double screening’ – by watching television, while playing computer games or texting and tweeting from a mobile phone or iPad at the same time, a new study has  revealed. Researchers found that our love of interacting and sharing with others during TV shows mean eight in ten Brits now use a phone, tablet or laptop to share their opinions online about the programme they are viewing. 

Almost half even admitted to ‘TRIPLE SCREENING’ – watching TV at the same time as texting on a phone AND playing on a tablet or laptop, the report by GAME found.

Other reasons for double or triple screening include being so busy that they NEED to do both things at once, while others admit to it because they get bored if they only watch TV.

Ian Chambers, Chief Digital Officer at GAME, said:

”Digital technology is advancing at an incredible pace and we’re constantly developing all our channels to make sure we’re delivering for our customers.

”The evolving digital environment brings together so many aspects of life: gaming, entertainment and day-to-day activities like doing the shopping. It’s no surprise this study highlights how commonplace triple screening is today.

”We’re seeing rapidly changing consumer behaviour and the digital evolution is a huge part of that. It’s now the norm for people to engage with multiple devices in front of the TV – whether that’s watching your favourite programme or playing the latest games.”

The study, of 2,000 Brits found that 79% regularly have evenings where they sit down in front of the TV, with their phone, laptop or tablet also on their lap.

And 46% also said they have times where they are on two different gadgets at once, all while watching television.

While 36% of those spread their attention over the different gadgets because they get bored if they only watch TV, 30% say they are so busy, they have no choice but to do it all at once.

Almost one in five like to talk about the show they are watching on Facebook or Twitter at the same time.

Around one in ten tweet about what’s on the TV, while 14% discuss the show with friends on Facebook.

And rather than waiting until the next time they see them, one in five even text their friends while watching a programme to talk about what’s happening on screen.

X-Factor was named the most popular show to discuss over social media, followed by I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, EastEnders and Coronation Street.

Other shows that are talked about online by viewers include Strictly Come Dancing, Celebrity Juice and Downton Abbey.

Four in ten also take the opportunity to browse Facebook and Twitter while they settle in front of the TV, while 47% keep an eye on the internet news sites.

More than a third indulge in a spot of online shopping while watching TV while one in five even manage to play games at the same time.

But researchers found that 43% have had to re-watch a programme because they were so busy ‘double-screening’ they weren’t paying attention to it.

And more than a quarter have rowed with a partner because they were watching a TV show and using their phone, laptop or tablet at the same time.

Ian Chambers added:

”At its heart, multi-screening is about making every experience richer – and that’s happening with gaming right now as we move into the next generation of consoles.

”Boundaries are being pushed as second screen apps are being used to add extra depth to the gaming experience and the Call of Duty Elite app is a great example – it brings a whole new element to Call of Duty: Ghosts for the gamer.

”The digital landscape is going to keep evolving and GAME is focused on being at the forefront of that change.”

Top twenty ‘double screening’ TV shows

1. X-Factor
2. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
3. EastEnders
4. Coronation Street
5. The Great British Bake-off
6. Big Brother
7. Emmerdale
8. Strictly Come Dancing
9. Britain’s Got Talent
10. The Only Way is Essex
11. Celebrity Juice
12. Educating Yorkshire
13. Downton Abbey
14. Homeland
15. Made in Chelsea
16. Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
17. Come Dine With Me
18. Don’t Tell the Bride
19. Game of Thrones

GAME triple screening infographic

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