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Holiday ‘romance’ – 30% think about moving abroad after a holiday

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Three in ten Brits have looked into – or even started to arrange – a move to a different country after falling in love with it while on holiday, a study has revealed. Millions of Brits have browsed estate agent windows, looked into the cost of living and even searched for jobs to see if they could relocate permanently to their favourite holiday destination.

And 44% have also looked into, or ended up, buying a holiday home so they can relive their break over and over again.

It also emerged that around one in ten has actually made the leap and moved somewhere, or have definite plans in place to do so in the near future, after enjoying a holiday so much.

A spokesperson for the UK’s leading holiday home lettings company Holiday Lettings, which commissioned the research, said:

”Most people have thought about how nice it would be to avoid returning home at the end of a holiday.

”But it seems for some, those thoughts are turned into actions when they get home and they seriously look into the possibility of moving their lives abroad for good.

”When you are on holiday, it’s easy to fall in love with an area, especially without the daily worries about work, school and money, but the reality can be quite different when you have to live and work there.

”It is also difficult once people start to consider the friends and family they will be leaving behind, particularly if the country you want to move is more than few hours flight away.

”Instead of giving up your entire life, buying a holiday home to let can be the ideal solution: you don’t have to leave your home, job and loved behind, yet you can enjoy your favourite holiday time and time again – plus it pays for itself when you’re not using it.”

The study of 2,000 Brits revealed that after a holiday, 47% have used the internet to research living in another country, while 36% have looked into the property in their desired area.

Almost a quarter have gone on to search immigration procedures, and 36% have looked into the jobs on offer in the area.

One in ten has even gone to view property, and one in twenty has applied for jobs in their dream location.

And for some, thoughts can even turn to moving abroad while they are still on holiday – two thirds of Brits browse properties for sale in estate agent windows whilst in their foreign destination.

One in five has actually stepped into the estate agents to ask about a property that has caught their eye.

It also emerged that Spain was named as the most popular country for a permanent move, followed by France, the US, Australia and Italy.

Canada, the Canary Islands and Ireland are also among the list.

But while three quarters of Brits say the lifestyle is the thing which most attracts them to a move abroad, 68% admit the weather plays a major part.

42% like the culture, while four in ten claim to like everything about their potential new home.

The cost of living, property and job opportunities are other reasons for considering a move to their favourite holiday destination.

But it’s not just foreign holidays that lead to thoughts of a big move, as 39% of people have also considered, or actually gone through with, a move to another part of the UK after a ‘staycation’.

Cornwall was the most popular area for relocation, followed by Devon, Wales, Scotland and the Lake District.

Three in ten Brits also admitted that they have often spent an entire holiday dreaming of moving there permanently, only to totally forget about their plans once they return home.

Instead of a permanent move, 44% have considered buying a holiday home, with six in ten of those liking the idea of being able to visit time and time again, without giving up their UK lives.

A spokesperson for Holiday Lettings added:

”It’s hugely positive to see that Britain’s passion for property ownership has survived the recession, especially as demand for privately owned holiday accommodation continues to grow with people seeking more personal and individual travel experiences.”


1. Spain
2. France
3. USA
4. Australia
5. Italy
6. Greece
7. Portugal
8. Canada
9. Canary Islands
10. Ireland


1. The lifestyle
2. The weather
3. The culture
4. We just liked everything about the area/country
5. The cost of living
6. The property/homes
7. We had friends/family living there already
8. Job opportunities
9. Investment opportunity
10. The nightlife