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Compliments, cuddles and cracking photos – women’s ultimate confidence boosters

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A compliment from a friend or partner, waking up spot-free and donning new underwear for the first time have emerged on a list of woman’s top confidence boosters, it has been revealed. A smile from a stranger, being told: ”I love you”, and looking good in a photograph also made the list, as did getting your eyebrows plucked and being asked out on a date.

The study of 2,000 women, which highlighted the top 20 things which make women feel attractive and sure of themselves, also found 40% feel great waking from an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Surprisingly, a full face of make up only came 20th in the list of confidence boosters, with women preferring to have good hair or a manicure.

Motivating life coach, Carole-Ann Rice, spokeswoman for the ‘Ready to Glow’ campaign which conducted the research, said:

”The smallest things can make the world of difference to a woman’s confidence – and even the least vain woman feels good if she looks good, it’s all about everyday beauty preparations.

”It goes without saying that if a lady steps out of the house knowing she is prepared and glowing from top to toe and her skin, clothes and accessories are just right, she is going to feel far more self-assured than if she is unkempt, has spots and dry skin.

”And other people go a long way in making women feel great – a few kind words from a partner, friend or even a stranger can do wonders for how we feel about ourselves.”

The study also revealed 42% of girls have more self-confidence if they step out with silky smooth legs, while 33% are thrilled if they get told they look young.

While simply receiving a cuddle from a child, partner, family member or friend is all it takes for 38% of girls to feel lovely.

A perfectly styled hair-do also makes the world of difference to a woman’s confidence – whether it be getting up in the morning with great hair, or having a new cut or colour at the salon.

One third of women love the feeling of returning from a holiday with a great tan, to see everyone else looking lily white and in need of a break.

Getting asked where they bought something, or being asked out on a date also give women confidence.

While getting eyebrows plucked, having a fresh manicure, wearing an outfit which shows off either legs or chest and a full face of make-up also make the list of what makes women feel amazing.

But unfortunately, the average girl only feels confident about her appearance for three hours and 43 minutes of each day.

And two thirds often feel jealous of other women who seem to have a permanent radiant glow.

When it comes to the things which affect a woman’s confidence, a bad night’s sleep comes top.

Waking up with bad hair and skin make four in 10 women feel terrible, while 38% are depressed if someone estimates their age at five or 10 years older.

Missing out on a social gathering, being referred to as ‘mum’ in the office and getting home to find food stuck between teeth can also knock a girl’s confidence.

Marketing Director, Jérôme Lemaire of ‘Ready to Glow’ added:

”Nine out of 10 women believe their confidence is improved if they are well groomed from top to toe, while 87 per cent think compliments work wonders for boosting self-esteem.”


1.            A compliment from a partner, friend or stranger

2.            Having perfectly styled hair / a new cut and colour

3.            Looking good in a photograph

4.            Having silky smooth legs / being hair free

5.            Waking from a good night’s sleep

6.            Having a cuddle

7.            Being told “I love you”

8.            Returning from a holiday and feeling great

9.            A smile from a stranger

10.          New underwear

11.          You get told you look young

12.          You are immaculately dressed

13.          You get asked where you bought something

14.          A child says you are pretty

15.          Waking up spot free

16.          Wearing an outfit which shows the favourite part of your body

17.          Getting your eyebrows plucked

18.          Being asked out on a date

19.          Fresh manicure

20.          A full face of make-up