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Peak fitness costs almost £4000 a year

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Keeping fit and healthy costs just under £4,000 a year, research has revealed. The study looked at the spending habits of 1,098 active Brits who exercise more than three times every week, and found that keeping fit can rack up a sore £75 a week.

The figures include gym memberships, exercise clothing and equipment, food and drinks and competition fees, amongst other things.

The biggest spend for fitness fanatics is eating healthily and keeping stocked with fruit and vegetables, with an average spend of £1,289.08 a year on their healthy diet.

Exercise clothing and footwear comes in at £1,310.28 a year, as certain folk are forced to buy the right sporting attire for their specific sports.

A further £538.32 is spent yearly on gym memberships, personal training sessions, exercise classes and boot camps.

The research was commissioned by Superdrug to launch the new year promotions on health products.

Steve Gray, Superdrug Health Director said:

”We were quite taken aback by the amount of money people are spending given the financial squeeze that many are currently facing.

”We are determined to help our customers stay fit and healthy by offering them value led healthcare products and services to enable them to continue to positively manage their lifestyles.”

After the Olympics, 2013 could be the year that everyone tries to make their new year’s resolutions work that bit harder- however, as this study shows, 2013 could set the most enthusiastic people back a whopping £3,937.02.

Many gym bunnies rely on energy drinks, water and protein shakes to hydrate while training, and as such spend £279.44 annually.

Another £34.32 goes on vitamins and supplements, while other fitness-related outgoings include £128.04 annually for magazines, £84.67 for equipment and parts, and £60.73 for DVDs and books.

The average fitness-fancying respondent admitted to exercising five times a week, and spending £157.08 on entering races and competitions relevant to their favourite sports, and £55.06 on getting to these events.

A third of those polled think it costs them a lot of money to be fit and healthy, but 41% would rather spend their hard earned cash on exercise than going out on the town all the time.

Three quarters of those polled feel they have a good balance between keeping fit and healthy and enjoying life, and 44% admit they do feel good about themselves because of their chosen lifestyle.

Half of fit Brits exercise regularly to keep the weight off, while 13% like the competitive element and 24% worry about their long-term health.

Three quarters of respondents fully intend to remain fit and healthy for 2013, and 42% want to encourage some of their friends and family to join them.

Steve Gray, Superdrug Health Director continues:

“As soon as the Christmas rush is over we are introducing new year’s resolution health solutions by offering great value offers on both weight management and smoking cessation.

“We want to help our customers by providing accessible healthcare at prices our customers can afford.”


Entering races / competitions                   -         £157.08
Magazines / memberships             -         £128.04
Gym memberships                       -         £260.52
Personal training sessions              -         £133.92
Exercise classes / boot camps                 £143.88
Vitamins / supplements                          £34.32
Protein shakes                                      -         £150.48
Exercise clothing                          -         £659.16
Exercise footwear                        -         £651.12
Specialist equipment                     -         £67.75
Exercise DVDs                             -         £56.28
Fuel and travel expenses               -         £55.06
Replacement parts for equipment   -         £16.92
Fruit and vegetables                     -         £1,289.08
Bottled water / energy drinks                   -         £128.96
Health books                              -         £4.45

TOTAL SPEND                                       =       £3,937.02

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