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House’mates’- girls make the best housemates (despite being BY FAR the most argumentative)

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It’s official- it’s the girls that make the best housemates. A study of 2,000 house sharing Brits found that girls narrowly edge the vote when it comes to making home-life heavenly.

However, a massive 42% think that girls are the most argumentative- only 6% thought it was guys that stir up trouble.

The study also revealed the Top 20 complaints among housemates-leaving washing-up in the sink, pinching food and not paying their share of the bills were tipped as the most common rows.

A spokesman for New Girl, which commissioned the poll to mark the launch of New Girl: Season 1 on DVD, said:

”When you share with friends or you’ve moved into a house with people you didn’t know beforehand, it can be tricky to make sure everyone does their fair share.

”If there is one person who doesn’t pull their weight, refuses to pay their share of the bills on time or is even just a little anti-social, it can really affect others in the house.

”And no-one wants to live in a house where their food gets taken by others or where they can’t sleep because others are being noisy.

”Housemates need to sit down together and work out some ground rules to make sure they can avoid the kind of rows many seem to be having.”

Leaving washing-up in the sink came top of the poll, followed by people not chipping in to do their fair share of the housework and chores.

Making too much noise was voted the third biggest annoyance, with eating someone else’s food and paying their share of the bills late close behind.

The sixth most common cause of housemate rows is having a boyfriend or girlfriend over to stay too often while loud music was at seven.

Not taking the bins or recycling out, not paying their share of the bills at all and hogging the bathroom completed the top ten.

Other causes of rows included bringing unwanted guests back, leaving lights on and even using the last of the toilet roll and not replacing it.

Hogging the TV and being too noisy in the mornings also leave those sharing a house at loggerheads.

It also emerged that a quarter have moved out, or asked someone else to leave, following a series of heated rows.

While 48% believe it is best to move in with people who are already close friends, 16% think you will be happier if you move in with strangers.

Researchers also revealed that more than one in twenty admitted they never got on with their housemates, while another one in ten said they were only friendly some of the time.

Almost half of those polled also admitted that sharing a house has put them off living with other people in the future, with 16% even saying they look back on their house-sharing years as ‘being awful.’

But more than a quarter said it was the best time of their lives and, if they could, they would do it all again in an instant.


1.            Leaving washing up in the sink

2.            Not doing their share of the cleaning

3.            Someone making too much noise

4.            Eating someone else’s food

5.            Paying their share of the bills late

6.            Someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend staying over too often

7.            Playing music too loud

8.            Not taking the bins or recycling out

9.            Not paying their share of the bills

10.          Hogging the bathroom

11.          Bringing unwanted guests back

12.          Leaving lights on

13.          Using the last of the toilet roll and not replacing it

14.          Using personal items without asking

15.          Smoking in their rooms/in their house

16.          Having loud sex

17.          Hogging the TV

18.          Being too noisy in the mornings

19.          Using all of the hot water

20.          Leaving the TV on

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