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Cowelling in Fear- music video shows Simon Cowell… having his c**k bitten off

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A controversial pop video which depicts a crazed blonde rocker biting off pop mogul Simon Cowell’s’ manhood is set to become an internet sensation.

The graphic four-minute long film was produced by controversial U.S artist Madame Allsorts for her expletive-littered debut single ‘Jack Shh’, which is a dig at Cowell’s pop monopoly.

It begins with a Cowell double arriving at a deserted warehouse in his Bentley, reg plate P5 YCHO.

Seconds later it features the singer kneeling before a Cowell double, before unzipping his famous high-waisted trousers.

Leaving little to the viewers’ imagination, ‘Cowell’ throws his head back in ecstasy… shortly before the blood spattered blonde reels back clutching his severed organ.

The camera appears to cut away just as she is about to shove the remains in her mouth with the double screams in agony.

Earlier on the Madame Allsorts character fondles unfeasibly large fake breasts before plunging a knife into them.

The lyrics include lines such as ‘will suck c**k to get a lift’ and ‘make sure your implants are bigger than Katie’s',  ‘under knife to stay in the limelight’, a ‘list boyfriend equals more fans’ and ‘drives Ferrari and scores for West Ham’.

It goes on ‘I try, I kissed Miss Winehouse and Jay Z’s agent’.”

The video ends with another Bentley pulling up outside with the number plate P1 ERS, suggesting Piers Morgan is next.

Madame Allsorts said:

”Jack Shh is about vacuous celebrities who stand for nothing but their own celebrity.”