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Scouting- women spend longer looking at other women

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Women spend longer looking at other women than they do at men, a study has shown. Researchers found women are far more interested in checking out what ‘the opposition’ look like than ogling passing blokes.

Clocking other women’s shoes, cellulite and height, where their handbag is from and whether or not they have had plastic surgery is the usual thought process, the study found.

Others check out women to see if they are thinner than them, while trying to spot dark or unflattering hair roots is also commonplace.

Turns out women also have some of the same priorities as men- looking out for wedding rings is also on the checklist.

Overall, half of the 2,000 women polled said they ‘enjoy’ comparing themselves to women they work with, befriend or pass in the street, the poll by online retailer Swimwear365 found.

The beach is the place where most female ogling goes on, with 80% of those polled saying they love having a good look at other women when they are sunbathing.

Helen Boyle, stylist for Swimwear365 said:

”There is not a woman on the planet who doesn’t love people watching and having a sneaky look at other women.

”It’s only natural that we compare ourselves and the way we look to how other women dress, do their hair and of course their figure.

”The beach is probably the best place to have a good nose at other women, you don’t usually get to see people half-dressed and in so much detail.

”And of course you can hide behind your sunglasses when you are having a peek.”

The study also found one in five like to guess what country other women are from, 43% like to check out their swimwear and one in twenty like to critique their tans.

One third said that they would be more impressed by a female with a toned physique and 42% said every woman was something to compare themselves to.

A competitive one in ten women said they always want to look the best but a more realistic 40% said they don’t compare themselves to other women in a spiteful way.

Nearly half of those polled said they compliment women they don’t know on how they look, with the most likely compliment to be about their clothes.

Whereas 86% of ladies said they would never dream of going up to a man they didn’t know and paying him a compliment.

The main reason for this being that they wouldn’t want the man to think they were chatting him up.- 25% assumed it would go straight to his head.

On a day to day basis, 42% of ladies said they dress to impress their female peers and not the opposite sex, and even on big nights out it’s girls they are trying to impress not men.

Of those surveyed half said they get a genuine buzz when women they don’t know give them a compliment on how they look.

This is no surprise, as 43% of women said they just don’t believe it when a man pays them a compliment.

Helen Boyle continued:

”Women check-out other women because they can relate to them and they know how hard it can be to keep a trim figure or maintain healthy hair, so there is obviously a genuine interest in how other females look.

”Equally when you receive a flattering remark from a woman you don’t know, it does mean more than if it came from a man perhaps as you think they may have an ulterior motive.

”As this research shows, the beach is the prime location for checking-out peoples shapes, sizes, nationalities and even the bikini they are wearing, so it’s wise to remember that on your next holiday.

”We stock thousands of swimwear styles which can cater for any figures, whether you have a curvy shape, a flat-chest or whether you want a one piece swimsuit or the skimpiest of bikinis.”


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