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Re-redecorating- Brits redecorate at least once a year

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Painting a wall

The average homeowner updates the décor, wallpaper or furniture of at least one room of the house every year, research has revealed. The study of almost 2,000 adults shows many regularly tire of seeing the same old décor day in and day out and so opt to change the lounge or kitchen most frequently.

Television shows and friend’s homes are the biggest inspirations, the report found.

More than half of those polled admitted they only focus their efforts on rooms they spend a lot of time in, whereas four in ten said they felt ‘forced’ to revamp rooms which were tired and worn out.

Mark Radford, Design & Marketing Director for Graham & Brown said:

“For those people who spend a lot of time in the house, it can get boring staring at the same four walls every day.

“So it stands to reason that on a regular basis people like to make changes to the interior of their homes.

“It is great to reinvent rooms in your house, it is amazing the transformation a lick of paint or newly hung wallpaper can make.

“Subtle changes don’t have to cost the earth, and sprucing things up every 12 months or so will ensure we keep our homes stylish and on trend.”

When it comes to inspiration for transforming a room, one in 10 people will see something they like on television and bravely attempt to copy it.

The same percentage often admire décor in other people’s homes and want to replicate the same style in their own home.

It usually costs at least £220.62 each time they redecorate – which equates to a lifetime decorating total of £13,347.51.

Eight in ten people polled admitted once a room has been adorned with new furnishing, and decked out with new drapery and décor, they are generally happy with the final result.

When it comes to being adventurous with a room, the study shows people aren’t afraid to experiment with bright and vivid colours.

A quarter of people have gone for at least one red or purple wall, while one in ten homeowners have opted for fluorescent green.

One fifth have put up yellow paint or wallpaper, which one in ten have had either pink or orange walls.

But astonishingly, four in ten have redecorated a room in exactly the same colour as before – simply to keep things clean and presentable.

Mark Radford continued:

”It is funny how trends come and go and now the resurgence of patterned wallpapers are now really making a come back

”Whether you re-paper one feature wall or the whole room it can make the most boring of rooms bang up to date and exciting once again.

”Brits are known for embracing and loving their DIY, and decorating isn’t something you need help with.”

The study also shows that a fifth of Brits will choose to update their homes if they have a special event coming up such as a Birthday party or Christening.

When making the decision to decorate, in two thirds of households the lady of the house usually decides when and which room needs doing.

However, 47% of people admit they would redecorate more often if they had more money, and more time.


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