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Internet Dating- 86% of women ‘facebook stalk’ a guy before their first date

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86% of women would ‘facebook stalk’ a guy before their first date, research has revealed. Research by dating site  found curious (and slightly nosy) ladies will even google (19%) or linkedin search (6%) their love interest before they first meet-up.

Men, on the other hand, are slightly less eager to scout pre-date- 65% admit they’d go on a hunt for their female companion on Facebook and 22% check google for any controversial headlines.

The findings emerged in a survey of 1000 Brits, recounting their varied dating experiences.

It was also revealed that only 34% of women would be able to ignore their phone for the entire date, with a slightly more polite male cohort (45%) being able to battle the temptation.

Obviously this comes off as a little rude, as a spokeswoman commented:

”A first date is very important for both men and women as the first impression really counts.

”Men are becoming as careful about their appearance and grooming as women have always been on dates”.

The study also found that commitment-shy guys can often pull the wool over a girl’s eyes when technology is involved- 16% have said ‘I love you’ to a girl by e-mail or text but not face to face, and 7% openly admit they’re more romantic online or in texts.