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That Sunday feeling- 40% of Brits think Sundays are the most boring day of the week

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40% of Brits think Sunday is the most boring day of the week, according to new research. The study of 2,000 adults shows many start to dread the working week at 4.13pm on a Sunday, and 41% still get that ‘Sunday night feeling’ they used to experience when going to school. 

Even entertainment is deemed pointless and boring on a Sunday – 57% of people conclude there is never anything on on Television, and 21% complain there is always too much sport on the box.

A further 56% say the last day of the week is just a lazy, ‘nothing’ day, while 26% spend the whole day washing and ironing. Catching up on work, carrying out DIY, cooking and cleaning are just some of the other mundane tasks Brits feel forced to complete on the last day of the weekend.

Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn, which conducted the study to launch their £19 room sale said:

“The recent bank holidays have been a great time for us all to enjoy a bit of extra time off work and visit family or even take a short break away, so it’s not surprising that our weekends now feel shorter.

“Sundays should be a day to relax and enjoy the last of the weekend break but the results show that people are instead spending their Sundays thinking about work for the week ahead, so they are the most dreaded day of the week.

“Getting the Sunday Blues is quite common so we would advise people to plan their weekends in advance so they can make the most of the Sunday and turn it into a day to look forward to.”

The study also shows 44% of workers will go into work on a Monday, hear about everyone else’s plans and think theirs were boring in comparison (but this might be because three quarters of people often don’t even bother leaving the house on a Sunday, and 46% regularly go through the day without seeing or speaking to anyone).

Nearly half of those polled do reckon they would be less likely to get an attack of the blues on a Sunday if the evening was more exciting; a third of adults reckon their ideal Sunday would involve a day trip to somewhere new, while a quarter would like a nice roast dinner in a restaurant followed by a lazy stroll.

20% would love to extend their weekend socialising to a Sunday, making the most of friends, family and the children, but instead, one in six people start dreading Monday morning by lunchtime on a Sunday, and spend the rest of the day miserable and depressed.

Claire Haigh continues:

“For many Brits Sundays are considered boring and many don’t even bother to leave their house, but it is important that people make the most of their weekends.

Premier Inn know that Sunday’s are often the day for checking out after a great weekend, but with rooms available from as little as £19 it is easier for people to make their weekend’s last longer without tugging on the purse strings.

“But most people can’t take a mini break every weekend, so perhaps planning weekends in advance to balance chores with fun activities will help make Sunday’s more interesting.”

The survey also shows 22% of Brits find Fridays the most stressful day of the weekend, and 37% don’t enjoy a Friday even if they take the day off work.

Getting the Sunday Blues is quite common so we would advise people to plan their weekends in advance so they can make the most of the Sunday

Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn

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