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Single Swagger- single women take 50% longer getting ready for a night out

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Single girls spend 30% longer getting ready than married ones do, a report has revealed. Researchers found that in the hope of meeting the man of her dreams, an unmarried woman will spend 11 minutes longer pimping and preening herself before heading to the office compared to a wedded woman. 

A ‘you never know’ attitude sees single women spending longer planning what to wear, staring at themselves in the mirror whilst perfecting their look and donning high heels to get noticed in the office.

They are also less likely to be seen without make up on, sporting greasy hair or with unpainted toe nails.

Anna Kovaleva, a spokeswoman for Scholl, which commissioned the report, said:

“The research shows that single women act on the desire to look great from top to toe and prioritise their time accordingly.

“However the majority of people have a selective approach to personal grooming and as a result certain parts of the body such as your elbows, back and feet are regularly overlooked and as a result 9 out of 10 Brits would say their feet are not in good condition. With skin baring season upon us it is simple to adopt an all round approach to keeping your entire body looking good.”

It seems single women are personal grooming pioneers – new research reveals that in the hope of meeting the man of their dreams single ladies spend much longer maintaining their appearance than married women;

  • Single women are more likely to commit to a daily face care routine;
  • Single women are much more likely to take regular care of their feet and toenails (two thirds of single ladies would be embarrassed to be seen at work with unpainted toenails);
  • Mismatched underwear, overgrown toenails, bad roots or tan lines are no-goes for single women, whilst married women are more likely to fall foul;
  • Single women spend longer exfoliating, shaving and plucking to avoid stray hairs and stand-out top-lips.

As a result, single ladies were most likely to take care and time over their appearance, while married women were more likely to say that their looks weren’t as important and that they didn’t pay much attention to their appearance.

Before a night on the town, single ladies spend longer brushing, straightening or curling their hair and are less likely to leave the house before they have perfected their hair (85 per cent of single women consider it a priority before a night out).

Scholl psychologist Jo Hemmings continued:

“It is not surprising that single women take more time over their appearance.; if a woman is trying to attract a partner, they will be more self conscious about how they look.

“It may also be that they have more time to invest in a grooming routine as they have fewer demands on their time.

It is interesting that they appear to adopt a top to toe approach, recognising that foot care is as much a priority as other parts of the body.”

This is reflected in the fact twice as many married women say they wouldn’t care if they were spotted with chipped nail polish, and were less likely to be embarrassed if they generally weren’t properly groomed before leaving the house.

Unattached ladies also spend more time getting ready before a night out, with the average single lady taking 24 minutes to decide what to wear and 42 minutes to do her hair and make-up.

Married women in comparison spend just 16 minutes planning their outfit and 24 minutes on their hair and make-up.

The research shows that single women act on the desire to look great from top to toe and prioritise their time accordingly.

Anna Kovaleva, a spokeswoman for Scholl

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