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Modern men afraid of car maintenance

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Modern Men unable to fuel cars

Modern men rely on their dads to carry out basic jobs on the house and car, it has been revealed.

The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 people, and show that men aged 18 to 30 struggle with relatively simple tasks, such as changing spark plugs, laying carpet or jump starting the car whilst by contrast, dads aged 45 and over think nothing of getting under the car bonnet to fix a problem, or embarking on a bit of DIY around the house.

The study also found that 25% of younger men would happily call dad for help if the car broke down, while a fifth rely heavily on on their male role-model for advice on jobs in the home.

A spokesman from GEM car and motoring insurance, who conducted the study, said:

“Today’s generations are unable to carry out jobs which their fathers would be able to do with their eyes closed.

“We’re not sure whether this absence of knowledge is down to a lack of time, work commitments, or simply a disinterest in knowing more.

“Certainly it seems more commonplace for men of today to rely on outside help for any household, gardening or car related tasks – whether it be dad, tradesmen or other professionals.

“And perhaps it is better to ask for help rather than making things up and risking a costly repair job.”

The poll shows that 79 per cent of young men can’t wallpaper a wall, 54 per cent are unable to put up a shelf, and just a third can hang a picture on the wall.

When it comes to their motor, men are just as useless:

  • Only 30% can replace the oil in their own car;
  • More than half wouldn’t have the first clue about how to change a tyre;
  • 59 per cent don’t know how to replace the windscreen wipers.

In contrast, fathers are more than proficient at almost all the household, DIY and car related tasks:

  • 85% of older men would easily be able to wire a plug (compared to just 40% of youngsters);
  • 80% can test car tyre pressure;
  • 75% are comfortable using the washing machine;
  • 58 per cent could easily fix a door lock.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the results, 77 per cent of men aged 18 to 30 admit they don’t know nearly as much about car maintenance as their dads do, whilst 75 per cent are far more clueless than their dads about DIY and household upkeep.

When asked why they are unable to tinker with the car or repair the house, 44 per cent of young men cite a lack of time, a quarter simply prefer to ask dad, and two thirds prefer to call in the professionals.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments:

”We’re not surprised at these results as we frequently receive calls from dads about the fact that their son or daughter has broken down, rather than the young drivers calling themselves.

”The survey shows that between the two generations there is a real difference in approach to getting things like DIY and car maintenance done.

”The research could be a sign for the modern man to step up and take on a more ‘can-do’ approach, as their dads would.”


 Men aged 18-30                  Men aged 45+

Change a car tyre                                              46%                              71%

Replace oil in the car                                         31%                              55%

Fill the car with petrol                                         62%                              85%

Change the spark plugs on the car                     20%                              55%

Replace windscreen wipers on the car                42%                              72%

Test the car tyre pressure                                   53%                              83%

Fill up the windscreen wash on the car                54%                              83%

Put up a shelf                                                   46%                              74%

Change a fuse                                                   50%                              86%

Change a light bulb                                           65%                              85%

Hang a picture                                                   57%                              84%

Wallpaper a wall                                                22%                              58%

Bake a cake                                                      46%                              45%

Wire a plug                                                       42%                              85%

Lay carpet                                                         14%                              39%

Lay laminate flooring                                         16%                              31%

Work the washing machine                                 56%                              74%

Lay decking in the garden                                  13%                              37%

Turf a lawn                                                        22%                              50%

Seed a lawn                                                      33%                              65%

Fix a door lock                                                  27%                              58%

Change a door handle                                       37%                              73%

Jump start the car                                             32%                              71%

Put up a tent                                                     56%                              68%

Tune a television                                               63%                              81%

Today's generations are unable to carry out jobs which their fathers would be able to do with their eyes closed.

A spokesman for breakdown company GEM Motoring Assist

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