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Double-entendre Domains: weird and wonderful web addresses

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via cubosh (Flickr)

Experts have unveiled a list of weird and wonderful website domain names – including top fishing tackle supplier Masterbaitonline and the even more unfortunate A team of web gurus at domain name registration giant spent a week trawling their records and the domain names of other sites registered around the world.

The results proved to be a hilairious compilation of site names, many which seem to unwittingly, or not as the case may be, have rib-tickling double entendres.

Among the list is:

Other funnies include which when misread looks like

Action paint ball games site, is also unfortunate. – a well known site enabling customers to find therapists, not rapists, also made the list, as did which is actually the site of the Children’s Laughter organisation.

Well thought out names which have clearly had the desired effect include the once home of the Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society Of Britain.

A spokesman for commented on the findings:

”The value of a name has never been more important in a world where everyone is seeking to be seen or heard.

“Taking time to think through all aspects and interpretations is crucial to the success of any brand. Of course a name needs to be memorable, but it’s always worth considering the connotations it throws up.

“In many cases a mis-reading or funny interpretation actually gets more attention than the organisation intended which isn’t always a bad thing.

“Online visibility is more crucial than ever today and it all starts with the right name. It’s worth considering how a name changes when read as a domain as you may be giving out messages you hadn’t intended to.”

Abroad, Budget car rentals in the exotic Cook Islands have the slightly unfortunate address, while in Switzerland a computer chip company have registered (now smartly moved to a .com domain).

More embarrassing ones include, which belongs to a company called Ferreth And Jobs PA, along with and

The researchers also uncovered a couple of the longest domain names ever registered, including:



With the Guinness World Record going to: – named after a Welsh Village – the world’s longest domain named after a real place.

In many cases a mis-reading or funny interpretation actually gets more attention than the organisation intended which isn't always a bad thing.

A Siteopia Spokesmen comments

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