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Less-than-sultry singles: women more likely to initiate sex when in a relationship

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It has been revealed that women are more likely to initiate sex when they are in a relationship than when they are single, as researchers have found that women are only confident enough to make the first move in the bedroom when they are settled down or been dating for a while.

Almost half of single ladies even admitted they wouldn’t dream of instigating nookie – insisting their partner has to pounce on them if they want to get lucky.

Whilst being in a committed relationship leads to women prompting sex, adventurous single girls are more likely to act out a fantasy, watch porn and use whips and chains.

The study, which was commissioned by Penguin to mark the release of new erotic novel Bared to You, also found that single women are more likely to have sex in public, fantasise about bondage and use a wider variety of sexual positions.

Bared to You Author Sylvia Day commented on the findings:

”The general perception is that once you’re in a committed relationship, your sex life suffers.

”But these results show that women can feel more comfortable taking charge in the bedroom once they’ve settled down with someone.

”For many women, initiating sexual interaction takes confidence, and isn’t something they feel comfortable doing until they’ve established a solid level of intimacy and trust with their partner, which takes time.”

The study found a third of the 2000 women polled claim to have a high sex drive, with 20% admitting they love taking control in the bedroom.

However, despite being single…

  • 43% of singletons have a session between the sheets at least once a week;
  • Unattached ladies spend longer on foreplay (two minutes longer at 12 minutes, compared to 10 for married couples);
  • being adventurous is high on the agenda, with single women more likely to get down to business in the garden, on the stairs or even in the car.

Unsurprisingly, single women also masturbate more than their married or co-habiting friends – an average of three times a week.

The findings also found that married couples tend to stick to the missionary position, whilst singletons prefer more adventurous manoeuvres such as the ’69′ and the ‘wheelbarrow’ position.

In fact, more than a quarter of married couples owned up to using just one position compared to one in ten experimental single girls who use at least five different positions during each steamy session.

The poll also found that:

  • More than half of girls from Liverpool like doggy style sex;
  • Cockney girls prefer it on top;
  • One in ten girls from the posh city of Oxford like it standing up;
  • One in twenty from the West country city of Bristol like the wheelbarrow position.

Sylvia Day continued:

“Single people might be leading a more adventurous sex life, but it seems women can be more confident in the bedroom when they embark on a relationship. These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

 ”In Bared to You, Eva and Gideon’s relationship begins with a white-hot attraction, and Eva instigates their first sexual encounter. As their romance progresses and trust is established, they open a dialogue about what each of them needs sexually, which deepens their intimacy and makes their sex life even hotter.

 ”That empowering combination of taking the lead and being frank with your partner about your needs isn’t confined to fiction. Whether you’re single, dating, or in a committed relationship, trust, confidence, and inspired discussions are an explosive combination in the bedroom.

 ”And inspiration is easy to find. Reading Bared to You, alone or together with your partner, is a fun and entertaining way to ignite that perfect storm.”

These results show that women can feel more comfortable taking charge in the bedroom once they've settled down with someone

Bared to You Author Sylvia Day

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