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How to have the perfect morning…

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Researchers have compiled the ideal weekday routines of 2,000 Brits to discover the formula for the perfect stress-free morning; the problem is, many of us don’t leave ourselves anywhere near enough time in the morning, causing avoidable stress.

The perfect weekday morning means having a bowl of cereal and waking up one hour and five minutes before walking out of the front door for work, according to respondants.

The average person also needs eight minutes to snooze, nine minutes to shower and 48 minutes to take in breakfast to ensure a relaxed start ahead of their commute. The research, which was conducted by Jordans Cereals to celebrate the 40th anniversary of making granola, found that having the day’s clothes hanging crisp and ready to wear is a key trigger to starting the day on a positive note.

The recipe for a bright start and good mood for the day ahead includes eight minutes of reading the paper over a bowl of cereal, followed by 14 minutes of catching the news on television. Being made a cup of tea by someone else and not needing to wear a coat are other key features in the perfect weekday morning.

A spokesman from Jordans Cereals said:

“It seems we Brits like the simple things in life when it comes to the way we wish our mornings would go, though hectic lives still prevent us from achieving this.

“Time to wake up properly, shower and catch up with the day’s news over a wholesome breakfast without having to rush may not sound too glamorous, but the results show it’s the way that sets most people up best.

“Breakfast is still an integral part of our morning ritual and 30% of people would not even consider leaving the house without having had a healthy breakfast to help set them up for the day ahead, yet nearly half of people  don’t leave themselves enough time meaning they start the day feeling grumpy and tired.”

Along with a healthy, relaxed breakfast, key features of the perfect morning included:

  • A natural wake-up- 54% like to wake up just before their alarm, whilst a third rely on radio and 10% need a harsher, buzzing alarm;
  • A nine minute shower, followed by breakfast with the paper and a tea or coffee (made by someone else);
  • The radio easing you out of the door, with no bills to open, and perfect weather to walk to work (only a quarter prefer to drive).

The perfect way to wake up is naturally, just before the alarm say 54 per cent of Brits – one in ten relies on a harsh buzzing alarm to jump them back into reality, while a third wake up to the radio.

The average Brit first wakes up at 6.27 am, but will hit the snooze button at least twice and take at least 8 minutes to come round to the idea of getting up.

Next is a nine minute shower without the hot water running out (and no hair in the plughole), followed by a bowl of cereal while reading the newspaper for eight minute.

Finishing the routine to a few songs on the radio then moving to the door, seeing no bills and realising you don’t need a coat round of the perfect weekday morning. A chirpy ‘good morning’ from a neighbour or the postie also sets us up nicely.

Leading psychologist, Dr. David Holmes said:

“Brits would be much happier in the morning and be in a better mood for the day, if they started by rising earlier than they think they should, chatted to their family, kept up with the news and ate a wholesome breakfast cereal like muesli or granola.

“Oats are great for breakfast, they are high in fibre giving you natural energy for the day ahead and getting your morning started the right way”.

Sadly, 53% of Brits say they never leave enough time to get everything done, with 2/3 saying they are stuck in a fixed daily routine.

Even worse are the events that can ruin your morning, and set-up you up for a terrible day; running out of milk or having to endure a cold shower were noted as the worst.

Jordans are celebrating the 40th anniversary of making granola with the launch of two new flavours, Super Fruity and Super 3 Seed Granola, available in stores nationwide now.

It seems we Brits like the simple things in life when it comes to the way we wish our mornings would go, though hectic lives still prevent us from achieving this.

A spokesman from Jordans Cereals

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