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House moves

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The average Brit will move house eight times over their lifetime – and end up 63 miles from their birthplace, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that removal vans will travel a total of 256 miles – 32 miles during each move – moving our belongings around the UK before we finally settle down into a home.

The average Brit ends up living 63 miles away from their birthplace – with one in five living 200 miles or more away, and moving for work, upsizing and wanting to get away from their birthplace were among the main reasons for upping sticks.

A spokesman for Bosch Power Tools, which commissioned the research, said: ”Moving house is a huge life change and something that many people loathe doing.

”So it’s amazing to think that the average Brit is having to go through the process of packing up their belongings and moving them to another house eight times over a lifetime.

”That means packing up your things eight times, loading and unloading a van eight times as well as having to sort through your clutter each time.

”And as the years go on, the amount of things you gather increases massively.”

”But each time you move house, not only do you have the hassle of actually packing up your belongings and moving them to another home, you also have to get your old house in a good state to be able to sell it on for a good price.

”This can mean weeks or even months spent working on the house and redecorating to get it up to scratch as well as the time spent packing and unpacking.”

The study of 2,000 homeowners revealed that they will move twice before they turn 18, before living in another three different houses during their twenties; the most common reason was to move out of their parent’s house, while another 24 per cent went away to university and 34 per cent moved in with their partner.

Almost a quarter relocated due to work reasons and 16 per cent up sticks because they want or need a bigger house. One in ten simply wanted to get away from where they grew up.

However, researchers also found that a quarter of people moved from their hometown in their twenties, only to return when they wanted to start a family or settle down. Another 17 per cent of those who haven’t settled down yet admit they intend to move back to their hometown when they get married and have children.

During their thirties, the average Brit then moves another time, thanks to settling down or having to move for work reasons. Brits then move a further two times after they turn 40.

The study also revealed that before moving home, 54 per cent of Brits have made improvements to try and increase the value and the chances of selling, with redecorating, tidying up the garden and changing the kitchen the most popular ways of sprucing up their old home. And despite forking out £6,411 on the improvements, 72 per cent of people think the alterations helped to sell their home.

Chris Tidy, DIY expert from Bosch Power Tools, added: ”It’s interesting to see that so many people are convinced that a little bit of DIY has helped them to sell their house.

”From a fresh coat of paint to a brand new fitted kitchen, with the right amount of planning any DIY project can be completed with ease.

”With the average Brit moving house so often it doesn’t make financial sense to get a tradesman in to complete a simple update.

”My advice would be start off small and work your way up to bigger projects, that way you’ll build your experience and your confidence along the way.”

It's amazing to think that the average Brit is having to go through the process of packing up their belongings and moving them to another house eight times over a lifetime.

A spokesman for Bosch Power Tools

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