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Same old Same old

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Nearly a third of Brits have EXACTLY the same thing for lunch every day a study revealed yesterday.

Half of those that eat identical meals day after day said they have been eating it for over SIX years. The most popular reoccurring lunch is the humble cheese sandwich followed by the equally unadventurous ham sandwich according to the poll by Whole Foods.

Of the 2000 workers polled 70 per cent said they have a packed lunch every day, 17 per cent have something shop bought and one in ten eat in the staff canteen. Despite the findings 71 per cent of those polled said they lunches were dull.

A spokesman for Whole Foods Market said: ‘’Brits really need to get more creative with their lunches, it’s mainly due to convenience and habit that people are eating the same thing day after day.

‘’When you eat the same foods a lot even the nicest of things can get tiresome and boring.

‘’During a typical day at work, lunchtime can often be the highlight of an otherwise stressful day, so it’s nice to indulge in something you are going to look forward to as opposed to the same old sandwich.

‘’Even if you take a packed lunch in to work every day it doesn’t have to be dull – you can get creative with ingredients to keep it varied.

The poll also found that 32 per cent get sick of the same thing day after day but four in ten continue to eat the same thing because it’s easy. But more than one in twenty blame their partner for the monotony, claiming their other half refuses to make themselves anything else. A fussy 18 per cent said they won’t eat anything else and one in twenty blame the shop they visit for having a limited selection of lunches.

A frugal one in ten said they eat the same lunch all the time because it’s cheap. But 14 per cent reckon it’s down to habit. The findings revealed that 43 per cent of workers don’t even get chance to take a lunch break and those that do only manage a paltry 25 minutes. Nearly half of workers said they’d like more exciting lunches with hot meals, burritos and fish dishes being top of the list.

A quarter of adults are creatures of habit and have the same thing on certain days of the week -for example fish and chips on a Friday or leftovers from Sunday lunch on a Monday. Sadly the most likely place for Brits to eat lunch is at their desks. Although 14 per cent eat in a communal ‘break-out’ area. Only 20 per cent of workers get to venture outdoors and 44 per cent use their lunch break to get away from irritating colleagues. But 55 relish the opportunity for a gossip.

Nearly half of working adults think official lunch breaks are a thing of the past and agree that most people work straight through. But not all people work at lunchtime with a third of people admitting to doing an online grocery shop in their spare hour. One in five buy clothes online and pay bills and a quarter catch up on internet banking. An energetic one in five also take part in some kind of exercise.

A spokesman for Whole Foods Market said: ‘’Brits work some of the longest hours in Europe so it’s not surprising that many UK employees work through their lunch hour.

‘’Equally in this day and age most bosses are understanding if you have to catch up on some chores such as banking during lunch.

‘’Despite trying to fit so much in to a working day, it is important to eat a nutritional lunch whether you go for the same thing every day or opt for something more adventurous.

When you eat the same foods a lot even the nicest of things can get tiresome and boring.

A spokesman for Whole Foods Market

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