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Party Excuses

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The dog’s birthday, getting a divorce and a reality TV final are among the reasons why party-mad Brits hold impromptu parties, according to new research.

A study shows people have an average of 10 parties a year, celebrating everything from the end of a school term to the next reality TV final. Indeed, other wacky reasons for holding parties include someone dear passing away, moving house, a major sporting event or returning from travelling.

A third of Brits admit they’ll find any reason under the sun to host a knees-up for friends and family, inviting at least 12 people and spending just under a hundred quid a time.

Paul Curry, spokesman for Mateus Rosé wine, which conducted the poll of 2,000 adults said: “The past couple of years have been a bit doom and gloom what with the double dip recession, people losing their jobs and being a bit short of cash.

“So it is great to see that British people are displaying their stiff upper lip and refusing to let life get them down – by hosting parties and celebrating the things that matter.

“Everyone loves to raise a glass to the people that love them and the things that make them happy – and if that means toasting the dog, the goldfish, or a particularly good friend, so be it!”

The survey shows the most popular excuse for a party is moving house – with a third of all new homeowners welcoming friends and family into their house. A further fifth of people will hold leaving do’s for people who are finding employment elsewhere or moving away from the area. While 19 per cent choose to hold their most impressive parties in place of a more traditional funeral – preferring to celebrate the life of the person rather than mourning their death.

In addition, 11 per cent of folk have been known to hold wine tasting parties, 12 per cent have wet the baby’s head, and eight per cent like to hold cocktail evenings. Celebrating England playing football, the end of school term and murder mysteries also feature in the top 20 list of party ‘excuses’.

According to the research, one in 100 women have held a ‘goodbye boob’ party when about to have surgery to remove a breast. A further one in 20 has celebrated the cat’s birthday, and four per cent hang out the bunting when dumping a partner.

Other reasons for drinks and buffet food with friends include conceiving a baby, getting cosmetic surgery, being made redundant, a sports achievement and getting a pay rise. Unsurprisingly, Brits have at least three parties up their sleeves for this summer – to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics and Euro 2012. Even if the weather is bad party people don’t mind – as 52 per cent would bring festivities indoors to cheer people up.

The Mateus Rosé wine spokesman continues: “It’s fantastic that we have so much to celebrate in Britain this year and it seems people are looking for reasons to hold parties and extend the summer”

“As it’s our 70th anniversary this year we want people to join in the celebrations, so we’re committing to give away a free bottle of Mateus Rosé Original to everyone who tells us what they’re celebrating. Simply visit and let us know.”


1.            Moving house

2.            Leaving do

3.            Funeral

4.            Celebrating a new job

5.            England football team parties

6.            Engagement

7.            Wet the baby’s head

8.            Celebrating a friendship

9.            Wine tasting

10.          Reality television programme final

11.          Graduation

12.          Major sporting event

13.          Dog’s birthday

14.          School leaving

15.          Cocktail evening

16.          Divorce

17.          Return from travelling

18.          End of a school term

19.          Promotion

20.          Murder mystery

Everyone loves to raise a glass to the people that love them and the things that make them happy.

Paul Curry, spokesman for Mateus Rosé wine

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