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Love Struck

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The average Brit will fall in love four times during their life, it emerged yesterday.

Researchers found a typical adult will become besotted with four different people over the course of a lifetime – with three quarters falling in love at least once before they even turn 20. It also emerged the average Brit then settle down at the age of 27. But worryingly more than four in ten admit  they settled for ‘second best’ because the person they have ended up with isn’t the one they loved the most.

Furthermore  61 per cent of those admitted they regretted letting ‘The One’ go and making do with someone else.

A spokesperson for Opera North, which carried out the study to mark the launch of the opening of the new musical Carousel,, said ”Falling in love for the first time is a huge milestone in life.

”It is interesting to see that many people will  fall in love with the wrong person at first and go on to be swept off  their feet a further three times over the course of their lives.

”But while some people will have several loves over the course of their lifetime, and experience the rush that goes with it each time, for some, there will only be one.

”This is the case in Carousel. The lead character, Billy, has let his ‘golden chances’ pass by. When he meets Julie, they fall in love very quickly, rush into a relationship and are unprepared for the challenges ahead.

”What is clear is that where love is concerned, nothing is simple, and that love is in itself a merry-go-round, as people circle through different relationships and stages of life.”

The study of 2,000 adults found eight out of ten fall head over heels for someone during their twenties, with almost one in ten declaring their feelings to three separate people over the ten year period. Our thirties will then see 40 per cent fall in love again while another 30 per cent will fall in love at least once more after reaching 40. But a lucky 33 per cent of people settle down with their first love.

Researchers also revealed 41 per cent have fallen in love with someone they shouldn’t have, with almost half admitting this has happened more than once. Almost one in twenty have even fallen in love with five or more people they shouldn’t have, with a work colleague most likely to be the target of their affection. A best friend, stranger and even a friend’s mum or dad also featured in the list.

But 77 per cent of people believe you can’t help who you fall in love with. And a third of people also think you can be in love with more than one person at once. However, the study also found four in ten Brits have been in love with someone and not had the feeling returned by the other person. And while a third of people have tried to get back together with a past love at some point, only one in three of those ended up back in their ex’s arms.

'It is interesting to see that many people will fall in love with the wrong person at first and go on to be swept off their feet a further three times over the course of their lives.

A spokesperson for Opera North

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