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Winter by numbers

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The typical winter will result in us being snowed in once, falling over twice and suffering one minor prang in the car, it emerged yesterday.

We will also endure being caught in the rain seven times, being struck down by three illnesses and arriving late at the office three times due to traffic or bad weather.

Additionally, we will waste one day waiting at home for repair men to arrive and will go through the drama of one breakdown in the car.

The findings emerged from a survey carried out among 3,000 adults by Duck Tape.

A spokesman said: ”This survey shows that winter can be hazardous for British people, and it is tempting to batten down the hatches altogether.

”Driving in freezing conditions can be really scary and motorists need to make sure they are well prepared for all journeys – avoiding going on the roads completely if conditions get really bad.

”But the weather doesn’t just affect the car, as homes can suffer too with broken fences, guttering, boilers and windows.”

The study of 3,000 Brits shows many people will have problems with their cars over the next couple of months as they struggle to open car doors, find it hard defrosting windscreens and even bump car wing mirrors.

Worryingly, the average person will break down at least once this winter, have two near-misses with other cars on the road, and bump their motor into another vehicle, wall or post once.


We will also miss work once to stay at home waiting for maintenance men.

Other problems motorists face include having to abandon the car altogether once, forgetting the de-icer twice, and breaking a windscreen wiper once.

The survey also revealed unfortunate Brits will get splashed by a car driving through a puddle twice this winter and fall over on ice two times.

They’ll also suffer from three different illnesses – ranging from coughs and colds to flu and sickness.

Umbrellas will blow inside out twice, and woolly hats, scarves and gloves will be lost or have holes in them three times.

When it comes to the house, the average homeowner will have to contend with one lot of boiler problems, one garden fence blowing down and two instances of leaks with roofs or windows.

Pipes freezing, turning up for work late, leaving shoes out in the rain and accidentally leaving the heating switched on will also cause problems over the coming months.

The Duck Tape spokesman added: ”As the bad weather hits the country in the next few days, statistics show we’re likely to encounter some unwelcome emergency situations.”

Two thirds of people polled reckon the unpredictability of British weather is why they tend to suffer more mishaps during the winter, and 54 per cent say it is harder to manage a fast paced lifestyle when it’s so hard getting from A to B.

While a fifth of people have had to claim on their insurance in past winters to cope with problems with the house or car.


  • Can’t defrost windscreen – 3
  • Car won’t start – 1
  • Heating breaks in the car – 1
  • Minor prang – 1
  • Abandon the car due to bad weather – 1
  • Break a windscreen wiper – 1
  • Breakdown in the car – 1
  • Bump the car wing mirror – 1
  • Near-miss in the car – 2
  • Late to work due to traffic – 3
  • Car door frozen shut – 2
  • Forget de-icer – 2
  • Miss a bus – 1
  • Miss a train – 1
  • Miss work altogether – 1
  • Be drenched by a car driving through a puddle – 2
  • Leaking roof – 1
  • Leaking window – 1
  • Caught in the rain – 7
  • Fall over on ice – 2
  • Boiler problems – 1
  • Shoes left in the rain – 1
  • Fall ill – 3
  • Umbrella blown inside out – 2
  • Garden fences blown down – 1
  • Guttering breaks – 1
  • Frozen pipes – 1
  • Lose hat, scarf or gloves – 2
  • Hole in hat, scarf or gloves – 1

This survey shows that winter can be hazardous for British people, and it is tempting to batten down the hatches altogether.

A spokesman for Duck Tape

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