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Too busy to talk

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Millions of couples are in a ‘Conversation Coma’, a study revealed yesterday.

Researchers found a shocking quarter of Brits admit to speaking to their partner for less than ten minutes a day.

A shameful four per cent of us ignore our partners completely and a further 24 per cent cannot remember the last time they sat down together for dinner.

An overwhelming two thirds admitted they preferred to spend their free time on Facebook or Twitter above cooking and having a decent heart-to-heart with their partner.

And one in five opt to swap conversation for the couch and eat in front of the TV every single night of the week.

Yesterday, Charlie Bigham, founder of the posh ready meal brand which polled 2,000 couples, said: ‘’It is shocking to think that the majority of UK couples appear to be in a ‘conversation coma’.

‘’They are too tired to cook on a weekday evening and faced with wide range of distractions when they get home.

‘’We wanted to highlight that couples can put conversation back on the evening agenda – our selection of quality homemade ready meals allows couples to steal back some time together, eliminating cooking time without compromising quality.’’

The study investigated how couples interact in the evening and was carried out to encourage Brits to put conversation back on the evening agenda.

It found romance isn’t dead for 65 per cent of couples, who classed spending quality time with their loved one as ‘a priority’, although 38 per cent still feel guilty about the lack of time they actually do spend together.

But the once sacred home-cooked evening meal is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Increased workloads are to blame, with 40 per cent confessing that slaving away in the kitchen after work is the last thing they want to do: nearly half of the nation (49 per cent) wished they had more energy to cook.

Yet despite the home-cooked dinner falling by the wayside, a staggering seven out of ten championed the ‘night in’ as the top way to spend the evening with their other half, closely followed by having a good conversation with one another (67 per cent).

For more information on Charlie Bigham’s, please visit or their Facebook page.

It is shocking to think that the majority of UK couples appear to be in a ‘conversation coma’.

Charlie Bigham, founder of the posh ready meal brand

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