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Death of the turkey

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Chicken could one day overtake turkey as the festive meal of choice, it emerged yesterday.

Research carried out among 2,000 adults by British cooker manufacturer Stoves found ten per cent will cook chicken this year having opted for turkey last time round.

Common reasons for turkey being left on the shelf include a yearning to try something different. Price also emerged as an issue for many people.

And with the popularity of other potential Christmas meals such as pheasant, duck, beef and even curry on the rise, turkey’s days could well be numbered according to the poll.

The study found while 59 per cent of us will cook turkey on December 25th, seven per cent will go for beef.

Additionally, four per cent will opt for lamb, while a similar number will go for pork.

More than one in twenty polled will be eating Thai food on December 25th and other unseasonal dishes to go for this Christmas included Chinese take-aways and fish and chips.

Jane Rylands, Brand Manager for Stoves, said: “With Turkey prices at an all-time high this year it is no wonder that people are starting to look for alternatives to feed the family this Christmas.

“As a nation our food tastes have changed significantly with influences from across the world making their way on to our plates.

“If not cooked correctly, it can be quite difficult to get the best flavour from a Turkey so it was only a matter of time before people start to take a break from tradition and try something new.

“As well as other meats such as chicken, pheasant, duck, beef growing in popularity, it is interesting to see other cuisines such as Thai food making their way on to the festive menu.

“Who knows – in twenty years’ time Turkey could well be a thing of the past for Christmas day.

Amazingly, six out of ten families have already served up a dish other than turkey on Christmas Day.

And more than half of those polled said they only ate turkey on Christmas Day because ‘it is traditional’.

Nearly one in ten people said they would love to try something different for Christmas dinner, but said that it wasn’t up to them to decide.

And more than one in twenty said they couldn’t face eating turkey again this year – with 27 per cent admitting the meat was getting a little bit boring.

But a clueless 37 per cent of Brits said they can’t really tell the difference in taste between turkey and chicken anyway.

Not surprisingly 40 per cent of people said price was a big factor when considering options for Christmas dinner.

Chef and Stoves’ brand ambassador, Brian Turner said: “I’m a traditionalist and will always cook a Turkey on Christmas Day but with people in the UK getting more experimental in their food tastes it is no surprise that this is starting to be reflected in festive traditions.

“No matter what is served up at the table, the most important thing about Christmas is being in the company of family, friends and loved ones enjoying a meal together.”

With Turkey prices at an all-time high this year it is no wonder that people are starting to look for alternatives to feed the family this Christmas.

Jane Rylands, Brand Manager for Stoves

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