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Hands-on dads

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Bath time

Modern dads are more ‘hands-on’ than previous generations ever were, a survey revealed yesterday.

Researchers found millions of working fathers return home from gruelling day shifts and immediately take over cooking the tea or feeding and bathing the children.

A third of fathers now regularly get up in the middle of the night to comfort, feed or change the baby.

It also emerged one in five dads often cook the evening meal.

The trend was revealed in a study carried out by the Perfume Shop.

Yesterday a spokeswoman said the image of a father coming home from work and slumping onto the sofa for the evening was a thing of the past.

And she added: ”The behaviour of modern dad has shifted over the years.

”More couples take on an equal share of bringing up children and running the home and all the responsibilities don’t necessarily fall on mother as they would have done years ago.

It’s great that so many fathers are so hands on, it can only be a good thing for children to have their dads involved.”

The report revealed the average father returns from work at 6pm.

Twenty per cent then go on to make dinner every night and a third takes it in turns to prepare the family meal with their partner.

Three quarters take charge of the bedtime routine and a third get up in the night to tend to crying children.

The study also found 21 per cent of fathers struggle to meet the expectations of both their wife and their boss.

Nearly two-thirds said they were much more ‘hands-on’ than their own father was with them while they were growing up.

And 67 per cent of dad’s say they are much more likely to take charge of the kids if they have an accident or are taken ill.

Four out of ten claimed that being run ragged at home often makes it difficult to concentrate at work according to the poll by the Perfume Shop.

The same number also said dads are busier than ever before – but one third feel undervalued or unappreciated.

One in ten Dads finally settles down to relax at 9.30pm.  Although one in twenty don’t finish chores until 10pm.

Half of the 2,000 working dads who were polled class their job as ‘high pressured’ with 60 per cent claiming at least five people work under them.

But not only are men doing more child care and household chores than ever before – three quarters still claim to be the main breadwinner.

The Perfume Shop spokeswoman added: ”Working long hours with stressful commutes and bringing up children is by no means easy and dads can often get over looked.

”They have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and should get rewarded for their efforts.

”With Father’s Day coming up it’s a great opportunity to say thanks to your dad and show them just how much you care.”

A third of fathers expect to get spoilt rotten this Father’s Day although a more humble 65 per cent don’t want ‘a fuss’.


(and the percentage who carry these out daily)

Tend to children every night                    22 per cent

Take turns with mum                                45 per cent

Get up early with children daily               31 per cent

Take turns                                                    40 per cent

Get children washed and dressed          51 per cent

Take turns                                                     29 per cent

Take kids to school                                  23 per cent

Take Turns                                                 29 per cent

Play with the kids after work                   87 per cent

Make dinner every night                         19 per cent

Take turns                                                   35 per cent

Wash up daily                                             30 per cent

Take turns                                                   42 per cent

Oversee bedtime routine daily               19 per cent

Take turns                                                   52 per cent

Provide daily entertainment                   14 per cent

Deal with accidents / mishaps               34 per cent

Share role with mum                                31 per cent


(and the percentage who carry these out WEEKLY)

Clean the house                                             49 per cent

Wash and iron                                                38 per cent

Play sport with the kids                                41 per cent

Help with homework                                     38 per cent

Ferry kids to clubs and hobbies                   38 per cent

Assemble toys and equipment                   38 per cent

Bike rides                                                          27 per cent

Attend sporting events                                  28 per cent

Pick up kids from parties                                28 per cent

Make school projects                                      18 per cent

Clean out pets                                                  15 per cent

Walk the dog that the children wanted    10 per cent

More couples take on an equal share of bringing up children and running the home and all the responsibilities don't necessarily fall on mother as they would have done years ago

Perfume Shop spokeswoman

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