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Confidante coworkers

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Millions of workers are more likely to confide in their work mates than their other half it was revealed yesterday.

More than one in five employees tells their colleagues things they would never tell their partners, according to the poll.

Researchers have found that work mates know at least five secrets about each other that their partner is completely unaware of.

In fact, 22 per cent of people reckon they feel closer to their work colleagues than their other half according to the poll by ink cartridge firm

This has been blamed on staff getting to know each other better than ever before due to the sheer length of time they spend in each other’s company.

Nearly a quarter of people said on a day to day basis they get on better with coworkers than their spouse.

One in ten male employees said given the opportunity they would also rather go on holiday with their work peers than their wife or girlfriend.

A spokesman for said:  ‘’We spend a very long time at work whether it’s in an office or building site so it’s only natural that we forge relationships with our peers.

‘’It’s obviously a good thing if you get on well with your colleagues and it makes working life more pleasurable if you count your fellow workers as friends.

‘’Although frequently confiding in your work mates rather than your partner might not always be advisable.’’

Two thirds of the 3000 Brits polled felt that they spend the majority of their lives at their place of work.

And as a result 60 per cent of those polled believe that it’s inevitable you forge strong relationships with your peers.

Half said they are sometimes so tired from a hard day at work, they rarely get precious time to converse with their nearest and dearest.

Whereas 29 per cent said there is constant chit-chat with their work colleagues and 51 per cent said when they aren’t busy at work they always natter about each other’s lives.

Surprisingly a third of people said they turn to colleagues if they are having problems in their relationship.

And one in twenty said they confide in work mates ‘very frequently’ about personal matters.

It’s no wonder then that 30 per cent of those polled said they regard the majority of their colleagues as true friends.

More than half (54 per cent) said that they classed ‘one or two’ members of staff at their place of work as mates.

14 per cent even think they socialise more with colleagues than their loved-one too.

One in ten workers go out every Friday for a drink after work without fail and 11 per cent also regularly have work friends around for dinner.

As a result of the social events – twenty per cent said their spouse has become friendly with other employees partners.

64 per cent of those polled said that the people they work with made work much more pleasurable for them.

A spokesman for said:  ‘’For many people work can be the centre of their lives and it can often cross over in to our social lives.

‘’It can make social events easier if everyone’s partner know each other.’’

It’s obviously a good thing if you get on well with your colleagues and it makes working life more pleasurable if you count your fellow workers as friends

Spokesman for

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